Automatic Rain Operated Wiper


The main objective of the Automatic Rain Operated Wiper project is to develop a electronically controlled automatic rain operated motor. This project automatically controls the wiper of the vehicle. In this project, the sensor is used to detect the rain or water flow. If rain comes, the sensor will sense the rain or flow water and it sends the control signal to the wiper motor. Automatic Rain Operated Wiper project is user-friendly and works efficiently.

Telecommunication Customer Services

The main objective of the Telecommunications Customer Services project is to provide the internet services to the users. Here, we present an overview of the pieces required to run an Internet Services Provider (ISP) and how these pieces come together to provide internet services to the users. This project is user-friendly and works very efficiently.

Proposed System

This section will briefly describe each and every module of the Telecommunications Customer Services project. The main modules of this project are given below:

• Login

• Admin

• Profile

• Task Applicants

• Complaints

• Logout



Platform – Windows 2000/XP operating System or higher

Front End – JSP

Back End – MYSQL

Browser – MS-Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape 4.0

Tools – Java Development Kit (JDK), JSDK 2.0



Processor – Intel Celeron class Processor

Processor Speed – 233 MHz or more

RAM – Minimum 64MB RAM

Hard Disk – 10 GB HDD or more

Mouse – Optical mouse

Keyboard – 104 keys


DDR3 Based Lookup Circuit for High Performance Network Processing

DDR3 Based Lookup Circuit for High Performance Network Processing

Project title is DDR3 Based Lookup Circuit for High Performance Network Processing. Nowadays, Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAMs are very famous in the PC memory market. They are widely used for the networking systems. These memory devices have high density and high memory bandwidth. Their price is very less. Due to complex instruction-based memory access control and high-speed interface technology, a specific purpose memory controller is required for optimizing the memory access trade off. Here, we proposed a specific purpose DDR3 controller for high-performance table lookup and corresponding lookup circuit based on the Hash-CAM approach. In network equipment, Content Addressable Memory (CAM) based techniques is used for fast table look up. CAM technology is better than Random Access Memory (RAM) technology. Because, CAM based lookup circuit’s technology is having better performance, lower cost and higher memory density.

Face Recognition in e-attendance

Nowadays face recognition topic is attracting more attention in the society of network multimedia information access. Normally in all videos, people are centre of attraction. Network security, content indexing & retrieval and video compression benefits are the areas of the face recognition technology. The benefits of the face recognition technology are given below:

  • It increases the user -friendliness in human-computer communication.
  • It protects the password of a person from the hackers.

Bulga Bag Planner

Main aim of the proposed project is to develop a system by which employees of a companyor organization can submit the bills to their managers. Employees can submit bills of various types and of various amounts. After submitting the bill to manager, this system will automatically provide the name of the manager to which the bill is submitted. Then the status of the bill can be viewed by the owner of the bill at any time and the bill will pass through a workflow process. The concerned people are informed about the status of their bill by an email.

Wireless Load Controller By GSM

GSM controller is a user-friendly and very low cost solution to control and monitor the load through your cell phone. It contains 4 contact closure inputs and 2 relay outputs. Here, the inputs can be connected to the flood detectors, thermostats and security sensors. We can control pumps, central heating boiler, lighting system etc by using the outputs. An optional wireless interface permits communicate with an expanding range of fire sensors and security, panic switches and heating thermostats for temperature control.

Fingerprint Based Voting Machine

The main aim of the proposed project is to provide easy access to make vote in the voting machine with the help of fingerprint and to improve the security of the voting machine.

We can improve the security performance in the voting machine by using this project. In the proposed project, we are using user’s fingerprint as the Voter ID Card. Presently many people are making duplicate voter ID. To solve this problem we developed this project in which the human fingerprint is used to cast the vote. Hence with the help of fingerprint technology, we can avoid duplicate votes because finger print is different from one person to another person. Also we can improve the security performance of voting machine by using the proposed project.

Just Another Micro mouse

JAM! (Just Another Micro mouse!) is the micro mouse which works very efficiently and easy to use. This mouse is heavily inspired by the   Min series   of micro mouse by Ng Beng Kiat and aiming to be India’s first DC motor driven micro mouse. It is newly invented mouse which is very user-friendly.

Bus Backside Accident Alert System

Main aim of the proposed, Microcontroller based Bus backside accident alert system is to avoid the accident between the bus and the vehicle, which is standing/running behind the bus.

Remote Vehicle with Unlimited Range

In this proposed project, one mobile phone which controls the robot will makes call to another mobile phone attached to the robot. If any button is pressed during call, at the other end of the call we can hear a tone corresponding to the button pressed. This tone is defined as ‘dual tone-multiple-frequency’ (DTMF) tone. By using the phone connected in the robot, this robot will recognize the DTMF tone.

By using DTMF decoder MT8870, the ATmega16 micro controller will process the received tone. The DTMF decoder MT8870 will decodes the DTMF tone into its equivalent binary digit and this binary digit is transferred to the micro controller. The micro controller is used to take the decision on any given input and outputs and its decision to motor drivers in order to drive the motor for a turn or forward motion or backward motion.